Polaroid Camera & Case- Pink Cool Cam


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Condition: VG (not tested with flim)

Polaroid 600 Cool Cam 

In 1988, Polaroid released its Cool Cam, which was essentially the Sun 600 with flashy colors and branded with the “Cool Cam” moniker. It came in several color combinations, including Red & Black and the pictured Pink & Grey. The Cool Cam also came with a matching carrying case and a sheet of word bubble stickers that could be adhered to your photos to add some COOLNESS!

The Cool Cam features a single-element 116mm plastic lens, fixed focus, with the minimum focal length of 4 feet, an electronic shutter, a programmed auto-exposure system and a built-in electronic flash.

Details:  Pink & Gray Cool Cam Polaroid Camera and Case
should work with 600 Polaroid film