GE-169219 Deep Fryer 12-Cup 1500-Watt with Viewing Port and Digital Timer

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Grade: Very Good++ Clean Appliance
Description: Deep Fat Frying Machine - Kitchen - Household Appliance

1) 12.5 Cup Oil Capacity fryer 2) Stainless Steel Cover with clear window allows users to monitor food without removing the lid. 3) Fry basket with Anti-Slip Handle for safe operation. 4) Carbon Activated Filter reduces odors. 5) Adjustable Temperature Control with 60-Minute Timer 6) Power-on and Temperature Ready Indicator Lights ensures the oil is ready to cook. 7) Enameled Removable Oil Tank makes clean-up a breeze. 8) Basket hangs on the edge of the deep fryer for food preparation prior to lowering into the oil. 9) Frying Guide Included 10) 1 Year Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor Premium’s 12.5 Cup Stainless Steel Deep Fryer provides quality fried foods in a convenient storable size. Perfect for preparing Vegetables, Fish, Steak, and Chicken. Included are several important safety features such as Anti-Slip handles, Power-on and Temperature Ready Indicator Lights, and a Clear View Window in the Stainless Steel lid to allow users to monitor food without removing the cover. With a Removable Oil tank, clean up has never been simpler.

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