B3FIT: The "falling off" myth

Posted by Laura Dicke on

September 3, 2019
Brant Mayberry


The "falling off" myth


Have you ever heard the phrase "I fell off the wagon" maybe followed by "I'm going to hop back on, Monday".

The fitness wagon idea implies that there is this pedestal in which you must always sit, forever, in order to maintain & B3FIT.
If that WERE the case, wouldn't it be impossible, or damn near, to get fit? Why try then?

You wouldn't, unless it was manageable. And manageable means, it's done in a way that doesn't drastically consume your time, mentally and physically. And this "wagon" idea, is too complex a concept to be manageable.

So, when choosing your lifestyle dieting/fitness approach, choose something that is so simple, you don't have to think too far into it that it can't be done forever. Your life isn't a fitness wagon, and you shouldn't have to drastically alter your life on top of being consumed mentally and physically.


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